Team Up! Teens

Team Up! Teens is a fun, social group for teens and young adults age 15 – 25. As a part of Team Up! With Families mission to enrich, nurture and strengthen families of children with special needs we are offering this informal, fun, social group. The group gathers every other month in the community or at Katy’s Kloset. They have enjoyed game nights, parties, Brewers games, pottery painting, bowling and going out for lunch in the past. Participation in the group requires a completed information sheet, a permission slip for those under 18 and adherence to group rules. These requirements can be completed at the first date or emailed ahead, if desired. Due to the independent nature of this group we are unable to provide personal care assistance or modification for behavioral challenges. Come join the fun!

Please contact us via email ( for information or to sign up for an event!