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My son likes to lift up his shirt and show off his tummy. So I got some mitten clips and clipped it onto his wheelchair seatbelt and his shirt. That has worked, he tugs at his shirt and it doesn’t lift up so he leaves it alone luckily. It worked for us, but if you have a determined and strong person working on it then it might not work for you.

He also had hip osteotomies and had to wear an A-frame type leg brace for 8 weeks. So he could wear clothing, it was winter, I bought pants 2 times bigger than his normal size and had a friend modify them for me. She cut along the inside seams and sewed velcro onto both sides (hook and loop). When dressing him I pulled the pants over his head and wrapped the legs of the pants around the brace and closed the opening with the velcro. It worked great and he was able to attend school.


I don’t know about you, but I hate filling out forms and repeating myself. I keep my child’s medication list (in table format with times and doses), allergies, feeding schedule (g-tube fed) and as needed medications on a floppy disc. Just make sure you type the medications in as it is on the bottle, for example: name of medication, 100mg/ml, take 8ml three times a day. I also keep track of his past surgeries, hospitalizations, significant medical history and diagnoses. When he’s scheduled for a doctor visit, surgery or we have to go to the hospital all I have to do is print it out. I usually double check it quick before printing. Especially in an emergency situation, it’s nice to have because you’re overwhelmed at the moment and might not remember everything. It’s also good to have when traveling, too. If something unexpected happens when you’re out of town, you have it. Also important, is a list on this disk of important phone numbers of the numerous doctors he sees, pharmacies we use, his school information, agencies we use, etc. It’s all in one place and can be updated easily on the computer. There are several websites that have free forms and advice on setting up personal health record:, and


My son has a bad habit of reaching down in his diaper area during changes especially with a BM. So we’ve come up with using an elastic velcro band that’s suppose to be used to hold in your tummy, purchased at Wal-Mart. I lay it underneath him at chest level, fold his arms across his chest and wrap him snug with the band and close it with the velcro. Sometimes he wiggles out of it, but usually it’s when I’m about done cleaning him up anyway. It’s only used during a diaper change with constant supervision and removed immediately after he’s all clean.

A friend gave me the following recipe for homemade baby wipes to save money:

  • 1 roll Bounty – Big Paper towel (not select-a-size)
  • Cut roll in 1/2 with bread knife or miter saw
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 2 tablespoons Baby Shampoo
  • 3 tablespoons Baby Oil
  • Rubbermaid container (10 cups) or some airtight container that would fit it

Pour water into container, stir in baby shampoo and oil. Place 1/2 roll paper towel cut side down, cover and let stand for 8 minutes, turn upside down and let stand for another 8 minutes. Tip back up, open and remove paper towel core. Pull wipes form the middle and keep covered in between uses. These work great, you know what’s in them, they stay moist and smell good. My friend also makes some without baby oil to use for hand-cleaning while camping. The biggest problem with this is finding a container. I haven’t tried them for on-the-go in a ziploc, so I can’t guarantee that works.


Trying to find a costume for a child in a wheelchair or walker can be difficult. Someone shared a website with me that has costumes that you can make that don’t look to difficult and are fun at So check it out!